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Pemanfaatan Limbah Spent Catalyst TA-5 PT. Pertamina UP IV Cilacap sebagai Papan Penyekat Tahan Air Print E-mail
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Saturday, 21 January 2012
Fadly Selong Paputungan (03513063), Muhammad Ali Akbar (03513070),
Heni Dwi Kurniasari (03513066), Niensa Heksaputri. L (03513011)
Alvie Puspitaningrom (03513083)
Jurusan Teknik Lingkungan FTSP Universitas Islam Indonesia

   Spent catalyst TA-5, sand blasting and glass wool are materials used that are come from PT. Pertamina UP IV Cilacap in which the process inside yields hazardous waste. This research aimed to identify level of immobilization of heavy metal and to identify bending strength of wall panel. From the result observation got on the 65% proportion of waste produce the best TCLP analyze with the concentration of the leaching of heavy metal Cr = 0,4815 mg/l, Cu = 0,0546 mg/l, Pb = 0,4125 mg/l and Zn = 0,175 mg/l. It is still below the standard according to Goverment Regulation No.85/1999.


   The pH test in every variation can be said completely success and safe for environment. Where as the bending strength of wall panel that is the biggest is with the maximum bending strength of 67,2 Kg/cm2 with proportion of 60% waste and 17 Kg/cm2 for the standard of wall panel based on DIN-1101 with object thickness of 15 mm. Therefore, it can be concluded that spent catalyst TA-5, sand blasting and glass wool are suitable to user both from health and environment or technical aspect (bending strength).

Keywords: Spent Catalyst TA-5, Sand Blasting, Glass wool, Wall Panel, TCLP, Solidification.



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